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Energy Independence

Rapid Sustainable Energy Independence

Any time the economy is not at full employment and full production, those resources can be used toward improving the infrastructure of the nation. The key to making this possible is the sovereign fiat monetary system of the United States. The sovereign ability of the US government to issue currency is what allows it to allocate unemployed workers and excess production capacity toward beneficial projects, such as sustainable energy independence. This benefit of the fiat money system is not being currently utilized since the government has never made the transition away from gold standard economic methodologies, even though the United States moved to fiat money in 1971. By using the fiat monetary system properly, public investment during down business cycles eliminates recessions while building up the economic base of the nation for immediate and future prosperity.

Bald Eagle

All of the technology and products are already available within the United States to rapidly achieve sustainable energy independence.  Eliminating energy importation will create a huge base of jobs and wealth creation, while offsetting the trade deficit.

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