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Eaglenomics is simultaneously the most conservative and the most liberal economic formulation in existence. One key factor is investment. Economic prosperity results from the degree to which we invest in each of the components of society. It is the planting of seed for the harvest that follows. Without sowing generously, we cannot expect to reap bountifully. Investing in our infrastructure, people, institutions, and means of production has advanced us to where we are now.

A recent example of massive investment occurred during and immediately after World War II. Industrial production investment was massive, resulting in vastly increased production capacity. After the war, the investment in higher education, coupled with the additional educational underwriting through the GI Bill, was instrumental in the upgrading of US human resources. The years following this investment exhibited tremendous expansion in the standard of living for the US citizens. The best result comes from feeding both the private and public investment channels. Each is more efficient and effective at delivering return in their specific areas.

Investment is not the easiest route. Shortsightedness is the current mode of operation. Maximizing profits for today is fostered by employee stock options. In business management, it is well understood that companies garner the behavior that they reward, and the stock options reward immediate rises in the stock price. Short term profit maximization encourages budget cutting, including cutting the budget for R&D, tooling, and equipment.

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